Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Loida Lewis?

Loida Nicolas Lewis, a distinguished Asian American figure, boasts a multifaceted career as a businesswoman, philanthropist, lawyer, and civic leader. Born in Sorsogon, Philippines, she excelled academically, earning degrees in humanities and law from prestigious institutions in Manila. Lewis made history by becoming the first Asian woman to pass the New York Bar without attending law school in the United States. Her legal career included a successful discrimination lawsuit against the US Immigration and Naturalization Service. Lewis's life took a significant turn when she met Reginald F. Lewis, whom she married in 1969, eventually becoming a pivotal figure in his groundbreaking business ventures.

Following her husband's passing in 1993, Lewis assumed leadership of TLC Beatrice International, steering it into a $2.2 billion corporation and achieving remarkable success. Her commitment to philanthropy echoes her family's legacy of giving, which is evident in her support for education and community empowerment initiatives, both in the United States and her native Philippines. Lewis's advocacy extends to various organizations and causes, reflecting her dedication to Asian American representation and social justice. Despite her professional accomplishments, she finds solace in her family life, enjoying the role of a devoted grandmother while maintaining a disciplined routine focused on spiritual and physical well-being. Her memoir offers insights into her extraordinary journey, encapsulating themes of love, motherhood, and navigating a billion-dollar empire as an Asian American woman.

How can I contact Loida Lewis?

You can contact Loida Lewis through the Contact Us tab on the website. Please fill out the inquiry form, and someone from the team will contact you.

Are there any upcoming events or speaking engagements with Loida Lewis?

Information regarding upcoming events, speaking engagements, or appearances by Loida Lewis can often be found on the website's Events page or through announcements on social media platforms. Please check the Events section for the latest updates.

Can I book Loida Lewis for a speaking engagement or event?

YES! Loida Lewis may be available for speaking engagements, conferences, or other events. For booking inquiries, please visit the "Contact Us" section of the website and fill out the form provided or reach out using the various social media channels provided.

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Can I find Loida Lewis's publications or books on the website?

Yes, if Loida Lewis has authored or contributed to publications or books, you may find information about them on the website, including where to purchase or access them.

How can I stay connected with Loida Lewis on social media?

You can follow Loida Lewis on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X-Twitter, and LinkedIn. Links to her official social media profiles can often be found on the website.